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Applications: Select 600/700/800 CleanFire Injection (HO CFI) models
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Moto Tassinari introduces the new VForce3R reed valve system for the Polaris Twin 600/700/800 CleanFire Injection (HO CFI) engines. The VForce3R was designed, developed and tested in close conjunction with Polaris Industries to ensure the very best in both performance and reliability. Unique to the VForce3R is the rubber over-molding on the reed tip surfaces of the reed cage. This allows the use of an ultra responsive reed petal, while also drastically enhancing reed petal life.

Here's a complete list of the features of the new VForce3R reed valve system by Moto Tassinari:

Rubber over-molding: Greatly improves reed petal life, while also allowing the use of a thinner, very responsive and higher performance reed petal.

Reed Petals: All-new reed petal matrix designed to extract maximum power from Polaris motors. Thanks to the added durability of rubber over-molded cages, we were able to shift our primary focus to producing maximum performance with less concern for the needed compromise between performance and durability. With the VForce3R you truly get both—superior performance backed with superior durability.

Horsepower: The all-new VForce3R specific reed petal, rubber over-molding and custom air guides result in exceptional horsepower gains throughout the entire power curve.

Air Guide: The VForce3R uses a custom, model specific air guide designed to maximize both efficiency and airflow. More airflow will always equal more horsepower and greater efficiency will always equal crisper throttle response and stronger acceleration.

Fuel Milage: While increased fuel efficiency may not be as exciting as adding horsepower to your sled, it's still a very worthy benefit. Due to the efficiency of the VForce3R reed valve system, you'll actually achieve greater fuel economy, while also increasing the performance of your sled. Simply put—ride more, stop less.


Moto Tassinari product line brochure, Moto Tassinari and VForce decals, detailed installation instructions, VForce3R reed valve system consisting of two complete rubber over-molded reed valves (including reed petals) and gaskets.


"…if you are serious about performance, both on the lake and on the track, the VForce reed valve system is your best chance to obtain the ultimate in competitive power." —Snow Tech Magazine

"One of the best things consumers can do for the money is replace the stock reed cage with a set of Moto Tassinari VForce reed valves.." —American Snowmobiler Magazine

"The VForce3 Reed Valve System is the perfect combination of performance and durability, making it a natural choice for the sleds Team Arctic races." —Russ Ebert, Race Manager for Team Arctic Cat

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