Sponsorship Opportunities

Moto Tassinari has a long history of "supporting the sport". Yeah, we know it sounds cliché, but almost all of us at Moto Tassinari come from a racing background. It's this love of racing that made us chose to continue in this industry, and it's also this love of racing, that allows us to remember what it was like just starting and out and how every break we got made a difference. Now it's our chance to provide that same feeling to the latest generation of racers.

Though Moto Tassinari is heavily involved with the top teams and athletes of all sports segments we participate in, we will always continue to offer support to deserving amateur racers. Please note the term "deserving". We encourage everyone to apply for sponsorship, however please be aware we receive a great deal of sponsorship requests—as a result, we simply cannot extend sponsorship to all who inquire.

We know there's a lot of information below, however we ask that you be sure to read the portion that pertains to your request prior to applying for sponsorship.


We are only offering sponsorship on our VForce product range. The AIR4ORCE is not included in our sponsorship program as it is now discontinued. This means if you race a four-stroke, please do not apply as we do not have a product for you at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

Racers can now apply for Moto Tassinari sponsorship without even leaving mototassinari.com. Simply visit the online application, fill in the requested information, attach a few pics and you're done.

You can find the online sponsorship application here: http://store.mototassinari.com/rider-support


If you're looking to have Moto Tassinari sponsor an upcoming event please be ready to provide detailed information, such as expected turnout, event description, specific request of Moto Tassinari, etc.

You can find the online event sponsorship application here: http://store.mototassinari.com/event-sponsorship


With the explosion of sport specific websites/blogs we receive an extremely large volume of people looking to have Moto Tassinari purchase advertising on their website. When submitting a request for website/blog sponsorship please be prepared to supply several months of Google Analytics stats for us to review. It's impossible to make a decision regarding online advertising without this information. If you're not prepared to share the Google Analytics stats, please refrain from inquiring about Moto Tassinari advertising on your website/blog.

You can find the website/blog sponsorship application here: http://store.mototassinari.com//website-advertising


Moto Tassinari does not offer cash sponsorships, under any circumstances.


Moto Tassinari does not offer lifestyle sponsorships, under any circumstances.